Thursday, April 28, 2011

Phlox paniculata 'David' - David Summer Phlox

A great tall summer phlox, David is mildew resistant and a good bloomer, all summer long growing to about 4' tall and about 3' wide spreading more with age. Pure white flowers are also great for the twilight garden. Loved by hummingbirds. Sun to part sun. Very easy to grow.  

Echinacea purpurea 'Rubinstern' - Ruby Star Coneflower

This is one vivid purple coneflower! Ruby Star has neon pink blooms all summer, smaller flowers but more of them. Grows to about 3' to 4' tall and equal in spread. A butterfly magnet! Full sun for best blooming can tolerate a little shade.

Design - Plant with Russian Sage, Autumn Sage (Salvia greggii) or Verbena bonariensis!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011


Arkansas Bluestar - Amsonia hubritchii

PERENNIALS, ORNAMENTAL GRASSES AND GROUNDCOVERSDiscover showy perennials that grow well in the Tulsa area as we tour local public gardens. Students will be introduced to perennials, ornamental grasses, and ground covers. Learn how to care for these plants and the best garden niches for them to flourish...

Instructor Steven Mott
Introduction: Wed. Evening April 20th, 6:00-7:30 pm
Saturday Mornings 9:00-11:00 a.m.
April 23 - May 21, 2011
Six Sessions. One evening class for introduction and
five Saturday morning garden tours.

For more information and to enroll online visit,
 University of Tulsa Division of Continuing Education

Flowering Ajuga with Golden Moneywort

Wow, here is another really nice combo! Flowering Ajuga, Golden Moneywort and little Jonquils (Narcissus). As seen from a visit to Linnaeus Teaching Gardens, Tulsa.

Lysimachia nummularia 'Aurea' - Golden Moneywort

Golden Moneywort aka Creeping Jenny is really a great little groundcover, nearly carefree spreading quickly and is great to lighten-up those dark corners of the shade garden. This plant also grows well in sun when provided ample moisture, like other Lysimachia they do like moist soil but once established can tolerate short periods of dryness. For an drought tolerant alternative for full hot sun use Angelina Sedum.

For best bright yellow foliage provide morning sun or bright filtered shade, deep dense shade will result in more yellow-green foliage. Also a good cascading plant for containers, a little moneywort will go a long way! Low growing to just a few inches tall, spreading 2' wide and more in time. Full shade to part sun, limit direct hot afternoon sun unless well watered. Small yellow flowers, a few if you're lucky but mainly grown for that great golden foliage.

Lysimachia nummularia 'Aurea' - Golden Moneywort

Vinca minor - Periwinkle

A nice evergreen groundcover for shade, the blue flowers in Spring are a nice bonus, although only blooming for a short period this plant is grown more for its evergreen glossy foliage. Vinca minor roots as it travels across the surface and is easy to control, requires little care once established.  

Vinca minor clv. - Gold and green variegated Periwinkle

A very nice gold and green variegated vinca with pale blue blooms! The variegation really lighten-up those shady garden corners. 

Vinca minor 'Alba' - White Periwinkle

The hard to find and less common white flowering vinca, very showy in the Spring shade garden! 

Polygonatum multiflorum 'Variegatum' - Variegated Solomon's Seal

Another great shade garden plant, arching stems and leaves, this plant does spread but slowly. The clumps may be easily divided and thinned but the more the better, excellent has an  taller groundcover to about 1 1/2' to 2' tall. 

Design - plant with contrasting darker foliage Heuchera or Black Mondo Grass, or Persicaria 'Red Dragon'   

Polygonatum multiflorum 'Variegatum' - Variegated Solomon's Seal

This plant looks so delicate but it's so hardy, a spreading  plant for shade gardens, beautiful arching foliage and stems , this is the variegated form - very showy when in bloom in early Spring. A lush looking plant. 

Tiarella spp. clv. - Foamflower

Foamflower is a really wonderful plant, and is great planted with Hosta and Heuchera... A shade garden plant, try it also under Japanese Maples or other low branching trees! Read more about Tiarella from an earlier blog.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Oxalis regnellii atropurpurea - Purple Oxalis, Purple Shamrock

A great plant for St Patty’s Week!!! Pour an Irish coffee and plant some shamrocks!!! This hardy Oxalis is often sold in markets this time of year as a florist plant, wait for the soil to warm up and plant this gem in the shade garden. Low plant growing to about 8” to 10” tall and spreading by multiplying bulbs, easy to control but may get out of hand if left alone too long. Perfect for full shade, no hot direct sun, filtered sun or bright shade for the best purple foliage. Leaves fold down at dusk.

Design: Plant with bright green or yellow foliage Hosta! or golden moneywort, Japanese Painted Fern or Silver Beauty Ajuga.      

Oxalis and August Moon Hosta

A nice contrasting combo here, as seen from a visit to Lendonwood Gardens in Grove, (Grand Lake) Oklahoma. The August Moon hosta is a really nice selection with large bright yellow, lime-green bold foliage!